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Bionomics of malaria vectors in the Western Pacific region

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Author Chow, CY
Date 1970
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Subject Anopheles sundaicus, Anopheles farauti 1, Anopheles punctulatus, Anopheles koliensis, Anopheles balabacensis, Anopheles flavirostris, Anopheles jeyporiensis, Anopheles leucosphyrus, Anopheles maculatus, Anopheles sinensis, Anopheles minimus, Anopheles campestris
Keywords Intervention Efficacy, Larval Habitat, Fecundity, Endophagy, Exophagy, Sporozoite Rate, Human Blood Index, Anthropophagy, Zoophagy, Entry Rate, Exit Rate, Resting Habit, Gonotrophic Cycle, Mortality
Time periods
Species Anopheles punctulatus [30068], Anopheles koliensis [30065], Anopheles sundaicus [34692], Anopheles balabacensis [59124], Anopheles flavirostris [59147], Anopheles maculatus [74869], Anopheles sinensis [74873], Anopheles jeyporiensis [107326], Anopheles minimus [112268], Anopheles leucosphyrus [409345], Anopheles campestris [453036]

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