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Solomon Islands 2009 Population and Housing Census

Description This Statistical Bulletin 06 /2012 is a revised-version of the Statistical Bulletin 6/2011 released by the National Statistics Office in 2011. The electronic publication containing only 50 pages of the 331-paged detailed Census result report (will be revised) entitled Volume I Report on 2009 Population And Housing Census: Basic Tables and Census Description. Volume I is the first of two major volumes covering the 2009 Solomon Islands population and housing census. The second, which will be released at a later date, is Volume II Report on 2009 Population and Housing Census: Analyses. The release of the detailed results follows on from preliminary result released in November 2010; one year after the census enumeration was conducted in November 2009. This publication, presents Part 2 of the main report (Volume I Report on 2009 Population And Housing Census: Basic Tables and Census Description) and as indicated above, contains only 21 tables of the census result, and as such includes 1 Summary Table, which presents the summary of the questionnaire of the Solomon Islands 2009 population and housing census, 6 Tables on Population Characteristics and 14 Tables on Household Characteristics. The tables are processed with the assumption that they can be used by a wide range of audience; however they are specifically meant for users with some statistical background such as planners, researchers, specialists, and donor representatives. The set of tables presented here adheres to United Nations Principles and Recommendations for Population and Housing Censuses and continue to maintain the standard of comparability with the previous censuses. Though there may have been slight changes to the numbering and ordering of the tables in each group, as well as situations where the titles may have been changed due to the structure and the format of the tables processed. It is important to note that table numbering starts with a ‘P’ for Person tables and ‘H’ for Household tables.
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