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A new species of Anopheles from the Solomon Islands

Belkin, JohnN, Schlosser, RJ
Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences 34(8), 268-273. (1944)

Anopheles nataliae, a New Species from Guadalcanal

Belkin, JohnN
The Journal of Parasitology 31(5), 315-318. (1945)

Anopheline Mosquitoes of the Solomon Islands and New Hebrides

Belkin, JohnN, Knight, KennethL, Rozeboom, LloydE
The Journal of Parasitology 31(4), 241-265. (1945)

Changes in vector species composition and current vector biology and behaviour will favour malaria elimination in Santa Isabel Province, Solomon Islands

Bugoro, Hugo, Iro'ofa, Charlie, Mackenzie, Donna, Apairamo, Allen, Hevalao, Watson, Corcoran, Sarah, Bobogare, A, Beebe, NW, Russell, Tanya, Chen, Cheng-Chen, Cooper, Robert
Malaria Journal 10(1). (2011)

BACKGROUND:In 2009, Santa Isabel Province in the Solomon Islands embarked on a malaria elimination programme. However, very little is known in the Province about the anopheline fauna, which species are vectors, their bionomics and how they may respond to intensified intervention measures. The purpose of this study was to provide baseline data on th...

DNA profiling of human blood in anophelines from lowland and highland sites in western Kenya

Scott, T. W., Githeko, A. K., Fleisher, A., Harrington, L. C., Yan, G.
Am J Trop Med Hyg 75(2), 231-7. (2006)

We used polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based DNA profiling to determine the person from whom Anopheles funestus and An. gambiae collected in natural human habitations obtained their blood meals. Less than 20% of human hosts contributed to > 50% of all blood meals, and 42% were not bitten at all, including people in the age group bitten most often....