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A comparison of Anopheles gambiae and Plasmodium falciparum genetic structure over space and time

Prugnolle, F., Durand, P., Jacob, K., Razakandrainibe, F., Arnathau, C., Villarreal, D., Rousset, F., de Meeus, T., Renaud, F.
Microbes Infect. (Jan 12 2008)

Population genetic structure and subdivision are key factors affecting the evolution of organisms. In this study, we analysed and compared the population genetic structure of the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum and its mosquito vector Anopheles gambiae over space and time in the Nianza Province, near Victoria Lake in Kenya. The parasites wer...

A new species of Anopheles from the Solomon Islands

Belkin, JohnN, Schlosser, RJ
Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences 34(8), 268-273. (1944)

Bionomics of malaria vectors in the Western Pacific region

Chow, CY
Southeast Asian Journal of Troprical Medicine and Public Health 1(1), 40-57. (1970)

"Clonal" population structure of the malaria agent Plasmodium falciparum in high-infection regions

Razakandrainibe, FG, Durand, P, Koella, JC, De Meeus, T, Rousset, F, Ayala, FJ, Renaud, F
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 102(48), 17388-93. (2005-11-29)

The population genetic structure of Plasmodium falciparum, the agent of malignant malaria, has been shown to be predominantly "clonal" (i.e., highly inbred) in regions of low infectivity; in high-infectivity regions, it is often thought to be panmictic, or nearly so, although there is little supporting evidence for this. The matter can be settled b...

Ecology of malaria vectors in the Pacific

Chow, CY
Cah. O.R.S.T.O.M. ser. Ent. med. et Parasitol. 7(2), 93-97. (1969)

Evaluation of fenitrothion (OMS 43) for malaria control in a large-scale epidemiological trial, Kisumu, Kenya

Fontaine, RE, Pull, J, Payne, D, Pradhan, GD, Joshi, G, Pearson, JA

Fenitronthion, an organophosphorus insecticide, was evaluated for residual spraying in antimalaria programmes in a large-scale field trial near Kisumu, Kenya from August 1972 to June 1976. The project involved entomological, parasitological and toxicological evaluation of the insecticide applied in a hyper/holo-endemic malarious area covering 200 k...

Field trial of permethrin impregnated sisal curtains in malaria control in western Kenya

Oloo, A., Githeko, A., Adungo, D., Karanja, J., Vulule, J., Kisia-Abok, I., Seroney, I., Ayisi, J., Ondijo, S., Koech, D. K., Abdullah, M. S.
East Afr Med J 73(11), 735-740. (1996)

A trial to determine the effectiveness of sisal eaves-curtains impregnated with permethrin for malaria control was conducted in the malaria holoendemic western Kenya between 1991 and 1993. Indoor resting densities of Anopheles gambiae s.l. and Anopheles funestus were reduced. by 90.9% and 93.8% respectively in protected houses, The entomological in...

Frequent blood-feeding and restrictive sugar-feeding behavior enhance the malaria vector potential of Anopheles gambiae s.l. and An. funestus (Diptera:Culicidae) in western Kenya

Beier, J. C.
J Med Entomol 33(4), 613-8. (1996)

Natural blood-feeding and sugar-feeding behaviors were investigated for populations of Anopheles gambiae s.l. and An. funestus Giles at 2 sites in western Kenya. During peak levels of malaria parasite transmission, > 85% of 1,569 indoor-resting females contained fresh blood meals. Findings that up to 55.4% of blood-fed resting females and 72.0% of ...

Impact of permethrin-treated bed nets on entomologic indices in an area of intense year-round malaria transmission

Gimnig, J. E., Vulule, J. M., Lo, T. Q., Kamau, L., Kolczak, M. S., Phillips-Howard, P. A., Mathenge, E. M., ter Kuile, F. O., Nahlen, B. L., Hightower, A. W., Hawley, W. A.
Am J Trop Med Hyg 68(4 Suppl), 16-22. (2003)

The effect of permethrin-treated bed nets (ITNs) on malaria vectors was studied as part of a large-scale, randomized, controlled trial in western Kenya. Indoor resting densities of fed Anopheles gambiae s.l. and An. funestus in intervention houses were 58.5% (P = 0.010) and 94.5% (P = 0.001) lower, respectively, compared with control houses. The sp...