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A geographic information system applied to a malaria field study in western Kenya

Hightower, AW, Ombok, M, Otieno, R, Odhiambo, R, Oloo, AJ, Lal, AA, Nahlen, BL, Hawley, WA
The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 58(3), 266-72. (1998-03)

This paper describes use of the global positioning system (GPS) in differential mode (DGPS) to obtain highly accurate longitudes, latitudes, and altitudes of 1,169 houses, 15 schools, 40 churches, four health care centers, 48 major mosquito breeding sites, 10 borehole wells, seven shopping areas, major roads, streams, the shore of Lake Victoria, an...

Changes in vector species composition and current vector biology and behaviour will favour malaria elimination in Santa Isabel Province, Solomon Islands

Bugoro, Hugo, Iro'ofa, Charlie, Mackenzie, Donna, Apairamo, Allen, Hevalao, Watson, Corcoran, Sarah, Bobogare, A, Beebe, NW, Russell, Tanya, Chen, Cheng-Chen, Cooper, Robert
Malaria Journal 10(1). (2011)

BACKGROUND:In 2009, Santa Isabel Province in the Solomon Islands embarked on a malaria elimination programme. However, very little is known in the Province about the anopheline fauna, which species are vectors, their bionomics and how they may respond to intensified intervention measures. The purpose of this study was to provide baseline data on th...

Effect of permethrin-treated bed nets on the spatial distribution of malaria vectors in western Kenya

Gimnig, J. E., Kolczak, M. S., Hightower, A. W., Vulule, J. M., Schoute, E., Kamau, L., Phillips-Howard, P. A., ter Kuile, F. O., Nahlen, B. L., Hawley, W. A.
Am J Trop Med Hyg 68(4 Suppl), 115-20. (2003)

The effect of insecticide (permethrin)-treated bed nets (ITNs) on the spatial distribution of malaria vectors in neighboring villages lacking ITNs was studied during a randomized controlled trial of ITNs in western Kenya. There was a trend of decreased abundance of Anopheles gambiae with decreasing distance from intervention villages both before (P...

Evaluation of fenitrothion for the control of malaria

Fontaine, RE, Pull, JH, Payne, D, Pradhan, GD, Joshi, GP, Pearson, JA, Thymakis, MK, Camacho, ME
Bulletin of the World Health Organization 56(3), 445-52. (1978)

Fenitrothion was evaluated for residual spraying in antimalaria programmes in a large-scale field trial near Kisumu, Kenya from 1972 to 1976. The insecticide was applied in a hyper/holoendemic malarious area of 200 km(2) inhabited by about 50 000 people. All houses and animal shelters were sprayed at a target dosage rate of 2 g/m(2) at 3-month inte...

Evaluation of fenitrothion (OMS 43) for malaria control in a large-scale epidemiological trial, Kisumu, Kenya

Fontaine, RE, Pull, J, Payne, D, Pradhan, GD, Joshi, G, Pearson, JA

Fenitronthion, an organophosphorus insecticide, was evaluated for residual spraying in antimalaria programmes in a large-scale field trial near Kisumu, Kenya from August 1972 to June 1976. The project involved entomological, parasitological and toxicological evaluation of the insecticide applied in a hyper/holo-endemic malarious area covering 200 k...

Field Evaluation of Deet Against Anopheles farauti at Ndendo (Santa Cruz) Island, Solomon Islands

Frances, S. P., Bugor, H., Butafa, C., Cooper, R. D.
J Med Entomol 47(5), 851-854. (Sep 2010)

Field efficacy studies comparing two formulations of deet (N,N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide) against mosquitoes were conducted on Ndendo Island, Solomon Islands. The repellent study was conducted at Pala village in November 2008, and the only mosquito species collected was Anopheles farauti Laveran. A formulation containing 35% deet in a gel provided ...

Field trial of permethrin impregnated sisal curtains in malaria control in western Kenya

Oloo, A., Githeko, A., Adungo, D., Karanja, J., Vulule, J., Kisia-Abok, I., Seroney, I., Ayisi, J., Ondijo, S., Koech, D. K., Abdullah, M. S.
East Afr Med J 73(11), 735-740. (1996)

A trial to determine the effectiveness of sisal eaves-curtains impregnated with permethrin for malaria control was conducted in the malaria holoendemic western Kenya between 1991 and 1993. Indoor resting densities of Anopheles gambiae s.l. and Anopheles funestus were reduced. by 90.9% and 93.8% respectively in protected houses, The entomological in...