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A highly sensitive, nested polymerase chain reaction based method using simple DNA extraction to detect malaria sporozoites in mosquitos

Vythilingam, I, Nitiavathy, K, Yi, P, Bakotee, B, Hugo, B, Singh, B, Wirtz, RA, Palmer, K
Southeast Asian J Trop Med Public Health 30(4), 631-5. (1999-12)

Dried Anopheles farauti mosquitos caught in Solomon Islands in 1990 were examined for malaria sporozoites by ELISA and nested polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Only heads and thoraces were used. Plasmodium genus-specific nested PCR amplifications were carried out on all samples. Of the 402 pools of mosquitos that were processed, 30 were positive for...

A new species of Anopheles from the Solomon Islands

Belkin, JohnN, Schlosser, RJ
Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences 34(8), 268-273. (1944)

A new world malaria map: Plasmodium falciparum endemicity in 2010

Gething, Peter, Patil, Anand, Smith, David, Guerra, Carlos, Elyazar, Iqbal, Johnston, Geoffrey, Tatem, Andrew, Hay, Simon
Malaria Journal 10(1), 378. (2011)

BACKGROUND:Transmission intensity affects almost all aspects of malaria epidemiology and the impact of malaria on human populations. Maps of transmission intensity are necessary to identify populations at different levels of risk and to evaluate objectively options for disease control. To remain relevant operationally, such maps must be updated fre...

A world malaria map: Plasmodium falciparum endemicity in 2007

Hay, S. I., Guerra, C. A., Gething, P. W., Patil, A. P., Tatem, A. J., Noor, A. M., Kabaria, C. W., Manh, B. H. , Elyazar, I. R. F., Brooker, S. , Smith, D. L. , Moyeed, R. A., Snow, R. W.

BACKGROUND: Efficient allocation of resources to intervene against malaria requires a detailed understanding of the contemporary spatial distribution of malaria risk. It is exactly 40 y since the last global map of malaria endemicity was published. This paper describes the generation of a new world map of Plasmodium falciparum malaria endemicity fo...

Anopheles nataliae, a New Species from Guadalcanal

Belkin, JohnN
The Journal of Parasitology 31(5), 315-318. (1945)

Anopheline Mosquitoes of the Solomon Islands and New Hebrides

Belkin, JohnN, Knight, KennethL, Rozeboom, LloydE
The Journal of Parasitology 31(4), 241-265. (1945)