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The anopheline mosquitoes of melanesia

Lever, RJAW
Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 38(6), 499-501. (1945)

The Australasian Anophelines as vectors of malaria

Mackerras, IM
The Medical Journal of Australia 1, 1-8. (1947)

Ten years' study (1955-64) of host selection by anopheline mosquitos

Bruce-Chwatt, LJ, Garrett-Jones, C, Weitz, B

The success of malaria eradication campaigns depends on the use of all methods that make for a better understanding of the biology and behaviour of mosquito vectors. One such method is precipitin testing, by which it is possible to identify the human or animal origin of blood-meals of mosquitos and thereby to determine their host preferences and ve...

Ecology of malaria vectors in the Pacific

Chow, CY
Cah. O.R.S.T.O.M. ser. Ent. med. et Parasitol. 7(2), 93-97. (1969)

Bionomics of malaria vectors in the Western Pacific region

Chow, CY
Southeast Asian Journal of Troprical Medicine and Public Health 1(1), 40-57. (1970)