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Evaluation of the Indoor and Outdoor Blood Feeding Behavior of Anopheles Arabiensis in an Area with High Insecticide Treated Bed Net Use in Southern Zambia

Fornadel, C. M., Habbanti, S., Musapa, M., Clennon, J. A., Norris, D. E.
American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 57th annual meeting, 2008.

Anopheles arabiensis, the primary vector of Plasmodium falciparum in Macha, Zambia, is known to display varying degrees of exophilic and exophagic behavior. The extent of these behaviors was evaluated with paired indoor/outdoor human landing catches (HLCs) and outdoor cattlebaited collections. Results concur with previous studies that An. arabiensi...

Impact of Anopheles Arabiensis Feeding and Resting Behaviour in Zooprophylaxis for Malaria Control

Kweka, E. J., Mahande, A. M., Mahande, J. M.
American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 57th annual meeting, 2008.

The most important factor for effective zooprophylaxis in reducing malaria transmission is a predominant population of a strongly zoophilic mosquito, Anopheles arabiensis. The feeding preference behaviour of Anopheline mosquitoes was evaluated in odour-baited entry trap (OBET). Mosquitoes were captured daily using odour-baited entry traps, light tr...

Modelling malaria transmission by Anopheles funestus in southern Mozambique (Manhica district)

Aguilar, R., Manaca, M. N., Sanz, S., Aponte, J. J., Nhacolo, A., Benito, A., Alonso, P. L., Cano, J.
Trop Med Int Health 16, 144-144. (Oct 2011)

INTRODUCTION Environmental and social factors such as land cover, availability of breeding sites, population density, type of households, control interventions, etc., determine the distribution of malaria vectors influencing malaria transmission. By geoprocessing a combination of field data and remote sensing information, we developed high-resoluti...

Plasmodium falciparum transmission by the Anopheles gambiae complex and An. funestus in Doneguebougou.

Sangare, D, Traore, SF, Dao, A, Bouare, M, Dolo, G, Bagayogo, M, Sogoba, N, Niare, O, Kayentao, K, Diallo, M, Doumba, O, Sakai, R, Toure, YT
. (14th-19th March 1999 1999)