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Genetic differentiation of Anopheles gambiae populations from East and West Africa Comparison of microsatellite and allozyme loci

Lehmann, T, Hawley, WA, Kamau, L, Fontenille, D, Simard, F, Collins, FH
Heredity 77, 192-200. (1996-08)

Genetic variation of Anopheles gambiae was analysed to assess interpopulation divergence over a 6000 km distance using short tandem repeat (microsatellite) loci and allozyme loci. Differentiation of populations from Kenya and Senegal measured by allele length variation at five microsatellite loci was compared with estimates calculated from publishe...

Molecular evolution of immune genes in the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae

Lehmann, T, Hume, JC, Licht, M, Burns, CS, Wollenberg, K, Simard, F, Ribeiro, JM
PLoS ONE 4(2). (2009)

BACKGROUND: As pathogens that circumvent the host immune response are favoured by selection, so are host alleles that reduce parasite load. Such evolutionary processes leave their signature on the genes involved. Deciphering modes of selection operating on immune genes might reveal the nature of host-pathogen interactions and factors that govern su...

Polymorphism at the defensin gene in the Anopheles gambiae complex testing different selection hypotheses

Simard, F, Licht, M, Besansky, NJ, Lehmann, T
Infect Genet Evol 7(2), 285-92. (2007-03)

Genetic variation in defensin, a gene encoding a major effector molecule of insects immune response was analyzed within and between populations of three members of the Anopheles gambiae complex. The species selected included the two anthropophilic species, An. gambiae and An. arabiensis and the most zoophilic species of the complex, An. quadriannul...